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Endurance Taekwondo was established in 2014. Our students range from the ages of 4-70 years old and travel from all over the lower mainland to train with our excellent instructors.

Our Black Belt Instructors here at Endurance Taekwondo are some of the best in their craft; teaching dynamic martial arts classes which seamlessly balance exercise, skill development, and personal development. Through this, we instill a sense of confidence, pride, and motivation in our students so that they will continue to bring out the best in themselves, both in and out of class.


Our instructors are certified under the Canadian Red Cross Level C Standard First Aid & CPR. The health and safety of our students are a top priority; we’re proud to have a team equipped with the knowledge to respond to events from minor scrapes to life-threatening emergencies

Instructor Atila

Senior Instructor

Instructor Atila’s lifelong passion for martial arts began as a young child wanting to reach the goal of black belt. Through years of training as well as teaching, he has become a dedicated instructor who has made Taekwondo an integral part of his life. He takes pride in making sure he has a lasting positive impact on those he teaches, the same way his instructors had on him throughout his training years.

Instructor Tatiana

Head Instructor

Instructor Tatiana started to train Taekwondo at a young age. Taekwondo has changed her life, guiding her in a disciplined, fun and healthy martial arts journey. For her, Taekwondo is a lifestyle composed of daily tiny efforts that has given her not only physical strength but also the willingness and motivation to constantly improve in each area of her life. She is a lead Taekwondo instructor with a Bachelors of Physical Education degree specializing in Taekwondo from the reputed top university for Taekwondo in South Korea, Gachon University. Instructor Tatiana has also extensive experience competing in Poomsae at both the national and international levels. She is a Hanmadang, South and Central American Champion in Poomsae.

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We offer flexible schedules, world-class Taekwondo instruction, and peace of mind for parents. Our daily pick-up service transports students from school to our facility. Join us for a safe and convenient training experience!