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“We have really lucked out finding Master Milad and Endurance Taekwondo. It was the first TKD school we checked out for our son, Carter, and we didn’t need to look any further. Their approach with children is exemplary. We love that the students are taught high ideals and how they apply both in the dojang and out in the world. Master Milad and the instructors made such an impression that within a few months of signing up our son that my husband joined the adults’ program! In the almost 7 years that we’ve been with Endurance Taekwondo, they have trained our son, supported him through tournaments, boosted his self-confidence, given him performance opportunities, pushed him when he needed it, and have gone the extra mile to help with things outside the TKD realm. They have a way of making our son (and us) feel like a top priority, and we know that they’re this way with each of their students. The extra clubs have been motivational for our son, and his latest opportunity with their Leadership Team is giving him the confidence and joy to lead others. Carter sums up his Endurance Taekwondo career so far as this: “I just love it! I love how the instructors teach. They make it a safe, fun environment where we can learn a lot.”

- Lannette -

My son attends the after-school program at Endurance Taekwondo and looks forward to it every time. This experience has not only enhanced my son’s physical strength, stamina and endurance but also taught him about establishing goals and acquiring life skills. As a parent, what matters to me most is that he really enjoys the programs here, whether it be spring camp or movie and pizza night. He always tells me how he enjoys making new friends, not to mention the staff are so helpful, friendly and approachable. The instructors are professional and are highly competent. They help lay the foundation for young learners such as my son to thrive in gaining their confidence. Thumbs up to Endurance Taekwondo!

- Roz -

“Both my children attend their classes and have done so for many years. The progression and transformation we have seen in each of them is remarkable. They have developed new skills, have a more profound sense of confidence and pride, and have created lifelong friendships all while having fun. As my children get older and become more advanced, the program continues to offer new opportunities. From regular classes to camps, to after-school care and leadership programs to one day become a role model for students just like the instructors they look up to, there is something to please everyone.”

- Ine -

“We signed our kids up last year and we are so impressed! Tatiana and Atila are absolutely fantastic!
Environment is friendly, warm and welcoming. It’s helped my daughters in many ways so far.... boosting confidence, believing in their abilities, connecting and strengthening the body, which in turns strengthens the mind and spirit.
All the instructors and teachers are amazing! Highly recommend !”


“I’m writing this review after my child has attended Endurance Taekwondo for about 6 months. I’ve had nothing but a very positive experience. The class has a structure which allows for growth and routine on a weekly basis.
Instructor Tatiana is filled with positivity and provides the perfect encouraging discipline required for character growth.
I highly recommend this taekwondo location for anyone without hesitation.
The facility is big and modern and clean, a big bonus.”

- Matthew Lee -

“Started taking my son here when they just opened and he absolutely loves it! The instructors are all so great! Teacher Tatiana and teacher Atilla are our absolute favorite! They are so wonderful and amazing teachers, my son is learning so much from them! Anyone thinking of joining this gym should come, you want be disappointed!!!”

- Cerina Borilla -

“My son has been going to Endurance Taekwondo for some years now and has had a great experience! The instructors are caring and skilled and make the lessons accessible for children even from young ages. As they progress through the belts, valuable life skills are also acquired which go beyond just the physical aspect of Taekwondo, such as conflict resolution and mental tranquility. We have found the focus and discipline Taekwondo training provides helped build confidence to perform at crucial moments in other sports such as hockey. Highly recommended if you are interested in exploring the benefits of martial arts training!”

- Grace Xu -

“I am having an amazing experience at Endurance taekwondo! The instructors are highly skilled, patient, and dedicated. The classes are well-structured, making it easy to learn and progress. I've gained confidence, discipline, and valuable self-defense skills. I highly recommend this institute to anyone looking to learn martial arts in a welcoming and supportive environment.”

- Anahita Safari -

“After taking trial classes in many martial arts in schools we found this the best. Teacher to student ratio is low. I
Instructors are highly engaged and each class is a great mix of new techniques and perfection of known techniques”

- Alpesh Shah -

“The Port Coquitlam location is newer so the class sizes are smaller compared to the other Endurance locations. Each student get a lot of attention and personal coaching from the instructors. At the Poco location Instructor Tatiana and other instructors are excellent.”

- Diana Cao -

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