Invest in Yourself

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Invest in Yourself

Get started with a free introductory lesson


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Benefits & Outcomes

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Hear what our members have to say

My 2 kids have been training at Endurance Taekwondo since 2014. During this time, we’ve had the privilege of seeing them study with Master Milad and his team of amazing instructors and witnessed their personal growth through all aspects of their lives. Master Milad not only focuses on Taekwondo but rather on all aspects of life, with a great emphasis on being a leader, taking accountability and practicing intelligent self-defence.

~ Bryan

My daughter cried on her first day in class because she wanted to try Taekwondo but was too afraid to get out there. Today, at Show and Tell, she is sharing her green belt, her 3rd place tournament trophy, and an award for hard work and a positive attitude. In a year and a half at PMTKD, she found a source of confidence and pride. This is because the school culture is pure patience and positive reinforcement, with a large dose of personal development. Very recommended!

~ Jane

Master Milad is the epitome of dedication and passion for Taekwondo and for teaching his students. He has a gift for always knowing how to get things across to his students in a kind, thoughtful and understandable manner. He teaches respect, humility and perseverance not only through his classes but through his interactions and the way he lives life. He is an amazing role model for kids and adults alike and always knows how to bring out the very best in all his students.

~ Emily