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Courage in Taekwondo goes beyond physical training; it’s about developing mental strength that transcends the dojang into everyday life. Learn how to build and apply courage with practical tips from Endurance Taekwondo.

Happy May everyone! With the much-needed arrival of sunshine comes renewed energy and vigor. Our team members at Endurance Taekwondo, are feeling particularly energized and inspired to share insights on a skill that’s crucial both inside and outside the dojang—courage. Courage is not merely about overcoming fear; it’s about thriving in the face of challenges and stepping confidently into the unknown. In this post, we’ll delve into what makes courage essential for mastery in martial arts and how it can profoundly impact every facet of your life.

What is Courage?

At Endurance Taekwondo, courage is more than just a buzzword; it’s a core part of our training philosophy. We believe that courage is the triumph over fear, a skill that everyone can develop with practice, patience, and perseverance. Every time our students face a challenge, whether it’s a new technique they’ve learned, a sparring match, or demonstrating in front of their peers, they build their courage. Fortunately, like a muscle, it gets stronger the more you use it.

Cultivating Courage Outside the Dojang

The principles of Taekwondo teach us that courage isn’t just confined to the mats of our schools; it’s a quality that plays a part in many aspects of our lives. Here’s how you can carry these lessons into your daily routines:

  • Keep Promises You Make to Yourself: You know that feeling when you say to yourself “I’m going to do X,” but don’t follow through? It sucks. That feeling compounds over time. Fortunately, you can change that. Following through on what you set out to do is acting with integrity, which goes hand-in-hand with courage. When you commit to personal goals or obligations—be it in fitness, education, or even just doing your laundry when you said you would—and stick to them, you reinforce your self-worth and courage.
  • Challenge Yourself Regularly: To grow in courage, venture beyond your comfort zone. Whether it’s learning a new skill or exploring unfamiliar territories, pushing your boundaries is key. Try this out; what is something you want to try, but haven’t? Maybe it’s making a new friend, or having a difficult conversation. Whatever it is, write it down. What is the smallest step you could take in that direction? Write that down and start there. Taking that small step is a win in and of itself.
  • Reflect on Your Resilience: We humans have an amazing ability to downplay our successes and put our struggles & failures on a pedestal. To combat this; intentionally acknowledging your past successes when overcoming obstacles can be a great motivator to keep moving forward. It’s a reminder that if you have faced challenges before, you can do it again.
  • Surround Yourself with Supporters: The company you keep can influence your ability to act bravely. Surround yourself with friends and communities that encourage your growth and challenge you to be your best self. As the famous quote from Jim Rohn goes “You’re the average of the five people spend the most time with”.
  • Visualize Courageous Acts: Studies have shown that visualization of an action, triggers the same response in the body as someone actually doing the action. By picturing yourself conquering something that you fear, again and again, you’re laying the groundwork for actual courageous actions.

A Message from Our Team

As we embrace the warmer days of May, your team in Port Moody, Burnaby, and Port Coquitlam is excited to continue supporting each and every one of you in your journey of personal growth and mastery. This month, let’s focus on cultivating courage both in and out of the dojang. Remember, every step forward, no matter how small, is a step toward becoming a braver, stronger you.


Embracing courage in your daily life extends the discipline and confidence gained from Taekwondo into every challenge you face. With each act of courage, you’re not only proving to yourself that you are strong but also setting the stage for continual self-improvement and future success.

The Endurance Taekwondo Team