Competition Patterns

Competition Patterns is for students who aspire to focus on patterns or have the aspirations to compete at local, regional, national and international competitions on a higher level. The program is delivered in a workshop format that emphasizes on the proper execution of basic techniques (strikes, blocks, kicks and pivots); and understanding of key performance elements such as expression of energy (breathing, rhythm and tempo) involved in pattern movements. Students are trained in a disciplined and fun environment that aims to increase their knowledge in the application of techniques at a high performance and competitive level. Led by the highly decorated Instructor Belinda Co, participation is by invitation only.

Olympic Sparring

Endurance Taekwondo is part of the largest governing body of martial arts in the whole world and we have sent many athletes to provincial, national, and international competitions. Courage is the maker of a champion Black Belt and it is a characteristic that only winners possess.

Courage is a measure of your heart, your desire, your inner strength, and doing what’s right even in the presence of fear. Our Olympic Sparring program helps develop courage through combative training.


  • Courage
  • Fitness
  • Self Defense
  • Huge Confidence Booster
  • Physical & Mental Strength

Leadership Team

Here at Endurance Taekwondo, we are focused on developing leaders: leaders for our friends, our families, our communities, and leaders for the future. Our carefully designed Leadership Program focuses on helping students learn leadership skills that will help them in ALL walks of life.

Our leadership team receives training on public speaking, inspiring others, developing self-esteem, making correct choices, and leading small groups and teams. The combined theoretical and practical aspects of our Leadership Program is what makes this Team so successful. All instructors at Endurance Taekwondo were once part of the Leadership Team where they learned the essential skills of supporting students in training.

  • Positive Influence
  • Being a great Role Model
  • Confidence in Speaking & Action
  • Integrity and Patience
  • Success in Life