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At Endurance Taekwondo, we are focused on developing leaders. Leaders in our communities, our families and friends and leaders for the future. Our carefully designed Leadership Program focuses on helping students learn leadership skills that will help them in ALL walks of life. Our leadership team receives training in public speaking, inspiring others, developing self-esteem, problem solving, and leading small groups and teams. The combined theoretical and practical aspects of our Leadership Program is what makes this Team a success! The Leadership Members are hand picked by Master Phan, and are selected on their continuous dedication to Martial Arts, and their ability to be strong role models for the younger generation.

Positive Influence

All of our leaders help to mould the young martial artists into focused, dedicated, and hard working students by leading by example! Our students see our Leadership team as what they strive to be!

Role Models

Inside and out of the Dojang, our team remain respectful and model community members wether it is in school, volunteering, or just out with friends. Our leaders remain responsible and vital members of their communities.

Confidence in Speaking & Action

Our Leaders frequently lead large classes of children and youth. This promotes their public speaking abilities, and increases their self worth and confidence. These are vital skills that will aid them in Highschool, Post-Secondary, and Adulthood!

Integrity & Patience

Trying to command a group of 4 and 5 year olds and retain their focus is a daunting task. To say that you would need patience is an understatement! Our leaders learn ways too grab their attention and remain calm when the little ones get distracted.

Success in Life

Become successful adults and leaders!

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We offer flexible schedules, world-class Taekwondo instruction, and peace of mind for parents. Our daily pick-up service transports students from school to our facility. Join us for a safe and convenient training experience!