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Endurance Taekwondo was established in 2014. Our students range from the ages of 4-70 years old and travel from all over the lower mainland to train with our excellent instructors.

Our Black Belt Instructors here at Endurance Taekwondo are some of the best in their craft; teaching dynamic martial arts classes which seamlessly balance exercise, skill development, and personal development. Through this, we instill a sense of confidence, pride, and motivation in our students so that they will continue to bring out the best in themselves, both in and out of class.


Our instructors are certified under the Canadian Red Cross Level C Standard First Aid & CPR. The health and safety of our students are a top priority; we’re proud to have a team equipped with the knowledge to respond to events from minor scrapes to life-threatening emergencies

Master Dexter

Head Instructor

Master Dexter fell in love with martial arts from a young age watching action and martial arts movies. A huge Bruce Lee fan, his training began as he cleaned a martial arts gym in exchange for training. Master Dexter’s humble beginnings and life experience have led him to understand and respect people of all backgrounds.

For him, Taekwondo is a way of life, an on-going journey. He believes that applying and following the 5 tenets of Taekwondo (Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-control & Indomitable Spirit) leads to a content and rich life. Master Dexter holds a history of competing as a high performance athlete at national and international stages. Along with an impressive teaching experience as a head and senior instructor, he is a 2x Junior National Palarong Pambansa Champion and a 2x NCAA Champion.

Master Chris

Head Instructor

Master Chris started training martial arts at the age of 5 with Karate. As a teen, he was introduced to Brazilian Jujitsu and Taekwondo.
Under the tutelage of Master Tony Kook, competition and lots of training eventually led him to instructing on the North Shore.
Instructing for the past 12 years, he aims to help students be the best version of themselves on and off the mats.

Master Rene

Head Instructor

At a young age Master Rene experienced bullying, this gave him an interest in learning Martial Arts. He loved to watch movies of Bruce Lee and Jet Li to get an idea of how he could protect himself. He started saving his one-week allowance to use for his public transportation fare to be able to attend Taekwondo Lessons in another province on the weekend.

He would then stay overnight to clean the dojang to earn a free lesson. Master Rene is a lifelong Martial Artist with extensive experience teaching all ages, leadership to blackbelt & Instructors around the world. He is also a Sparring and Poomsae Qualified National Coach. He has an extensive and impressive record of competing on the National and International Stage. He was a multiple time National Champion and Most Valuable Player in University Athletic Association of the Philippines. He is not only a Taekwondo practitioner but also a true martial artist in character & spirit. Most importantly, he is a fantastic role model for students and instills many pearls of wisdom through his teaching. His experiences have led him to where he is today by living with the tenets of Taekwondo.

Instructor Atila

Senior Instructor

Instructor Atila’s lifelong passion for martial arts began as a young child wanting to reach the goal of black belt. Through years of training as well as teaching, he has become a dedicated instructor who has made Taekwondo an integral part of his life. He takes pride in making sure he has a lasting positive impact on those he teaches, the same way his instructors had on him throughout his training years.

Instructor Belinda

Assistant Instructor

Instructor Belinda leads the Competition Patterns Team and the High-Performance Poomsae Program. She trains students in the proper execution of basic techniques and the understanding of key performance elements. As a high-performance athlete herself, she competes at national and international events. Among many achievements, she had the privilege of representing Team Canada at the 2020 World Poomsae Championships.

Instructor Noah

Assistant Instructor

nstructor Noah has been practicing Taekwondo for 9 years, throughout those years he had many interests in the different clubs offered by Endurance, such as sparring, demo team and black belt club. However, leadership and instructing were what kept him enrolled and engaged with our community. He loves watching his students hone their technique and celebrates whenever a student makes a breakthrough with a difficult technique. While Noah doesn’t train at Taekwondo as often as he did, he seeks to broaden his martial arts horizon, learning different disciplines that he can apply to be a well-rounded martial artist. Noah pursues a career as an actor and stunt performer and currently is learning how to apply his skills optimally on set.

Instructor Rachel

Assistant Instructor

Instructor Rachel was introduced to Taekwondo by her brother, who, after completing a free trial class, immediately was enthralled with Taekwondo. Although her parents thought she wouldn’t last more than a month, Instructor Rachel developed a passion for the sport and has been training for close to a decade.

Instructor Rachel joined the Leadership Team in 2019 and discovered great joy in instructing. She was thrilled to be hired as an instructor in 2021. She enjoys connecting with students and making them feel welcome. She especially relishes seeing the smiles on students’ faces when they master a technique or learn something new.

Instructor Rachel has been working on perfecting her own Taekwondo skills as a member of the High-Performance Competition Pattern Team. She has competed at tournaments and continues to push herself to become fitter, more robust and healthier in all aspects of her life.

Instructor Sebastian

Assistant Instructor

Instructor Sebastian has been in the world of Martial Arts ever since he was 4 years old. Initially training in Karate, he decided that he needed a change after getting his black belt. That’s when he stumbled upon Endurance Taekwondo in 2015.

His love and passion for Taekwondo grew exponentially when, on his first day, he met Master Milad. Being promoted to a black-stripe belt on the spot and having to join the leadership team, he was faced with a new set of challenges. This kickstart to his Taekwondo journey made him fall in love with the sport.

Instructor Sebastian has been devoted ever since, always bringing a fun, welcoming, and joyous attitude whenever he steps onto the mats. Demonstrating his pattern at various tournaments, he strives to perfect the technical aspects of Taekwondo.

Instructor Stephanie

Assistant Instructor

As a beginner and intermediate student, Instructor Stephanie was not very keen on Taekwondo. However, she developed a passion for teaching when she was invited to join the leadership team in 2019. As a leader, she gained teaching experience by volunteering and assisting students multiple times a week. In August 2021, she was hired as an Instructor, further motivating her to improve her skills. When the Competition Poomsae team was created, she was eager to join. She picked up new techniques quickly and was invited by Instructor Belinda to join the High-Performance Poomsae team, where she developed her patterns and brought them to a new level. She later competed in the Korean Consul Cup in late 2021.

Stephanie continues to strive to become a talented instructor and to encourage the students of Port Moody Taekwondo to push themselves to be the best martial artists they can be.

Instructor Molly

Assistant Instructor

Instructor Molly was first introduced to Taekwondo at the Golden Spike festival in Port Moody around a decade ago. She decided to spin a chance wheel and won a free trial class. From the on, she was hooked.

Instructor Molly started on the leadership team in 2018 and was hired in 2022. She loves being able to make kids smile even on their worst days.

Instructor Molly also did sparring for a few years competitively.

Instructor Lauren

Assistant Instructor

Bio Coming Soon

Instructor Alex

Assistant Instructor

Instructor Alex started Taekwondo at the age of four and was immediately hooked into the Taekwondo community. Once he became an intermediate level student, he started to explore all the different clubs. He tried sparring, blackbelt club and poomae, but the poomae club caught his eye and he has stayed with it. After graduating to the black belt program, Alex was then invited to the leadership team where he has developed all of his teaching skills, especially how to welcome the next generation of students.

Instructor Logan

Assistant Instructor

Instructor Logan started his taekwondo journey at a very young age. Originally, he was enrolled in Taekwondo to develop his confidence, but it soon turned into a passion. Instructor Logan is still just as passionate about Taekwondo as he was when he first joined, over a decade ago. Even with many years of experience he is still working hard to develop his skills.
In 2018, instructor Logan was invited to join the leadership team, but took a break in 2020. After rejoining the team in 2021 and refining his taekwondo skills, he practiced teaching for another year as a leader before getting hired in late 2022.

Instructor Logan has gone through many of the programs in Taekwondo such as Sparring and Black Belt Club where he worked on developing his confidence in himself as well as the art of Taekwondo. Overall, instructor Logan enjoys Taekwondo and practices regularly to improve both his training and his teaching.

Instructor Iliya

Assistant Instructor

Instructor Iliya joined tkd when he was 5. He wanted to join because after his swimming lessons at a rec center, He saw kids with belts and uniforms kicking and punching, and he thought it would be fun to join. His parents signed him up for tkd and ever since then i has been training. Instructor Iliya joined the leadership team when he was 9 and he found a passion in teaching kids and helping them with their training. He was hired in 2022, and he’s been working ever since to make sure students have all their techniques right. He like to train to make himself physically stronger, so that he can demonstrate techniques at his best.

Mr. Jafar Jeddi

Driver & After School Director

Mr. Jimmy Tong


Mr. Mike Cho


Mr. Michael Williams


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